A Return to Serenity

...This innocent beauty
My words can't describe
This rebirth to purity
Brings a sullen tear right to your eyes
No time for anger
No time for despair
Please let me take you
'Cause I'm already there
I'm so alone
My head's my home
I'll return to serenity....
....Now that I've taken you to a place far from here
I really must go back
Close your eyes and we'll disappear
Won't you come with me
Salvation we'll share
Inside of my head now
There's room for us there...
animated-snake-image-0023 animated-snake-image-0023

I hope you guys enjoy this. My friends, strangers, whoever. All of the pictures here were taken by me because I have no other place to put them except here. I hope they make you happy as the did to me. Yes, the lyrics are by Testament. Yes, they have a special meaning to me. For real though, I do feel that life is challenging. These pictures can help anyone out as it is pleasing to look at. I picked the ones that make me happy, have nice colors, and my favorites.

I always think that life is a game. What game is it? I'm not suicidal or anything, I just wonder what kind of meaning there is. Earth is just a rock in some endless galaxy of black. What if history is actually repeating itself, and deja-vu is just what you went through during that exact time in your past life? What if the sun burns out, and the world does end? If the sun explodes, would that be a big bang and create another earth? That is just something that keeps me up at night. Are we really alone? Is there another planet like ours that is just starting out its evolution? When people die, is it like they had finished their game already? What does happen after death? Gee I do wonder....

But alas, here are the sunrise pictures:

Here are the sunset pictures

And here are pictures that I took of just whatever. (The ones that look aesthetically pleasing for here)